Daddy’s Cash, founded in 2010 by a group of close friends, has rapidly grown into a well-acclaimed band that performs music rooted in the arrangements of American Jazz, R&B, Soul and Funk. The ensemble includes a wide range of instruments such as a brass section, guitars, keyboards, harmonica and percussions. It allows the band to have great flexibility within their repertoire and opens many avenues for expanding into new styles of music – Daddy’s Cash, from it’s early days, hasn’t been limited to a single style of music. Experimentation has always been ignited by the joy of playing together and resulted in many amazing musical improvisations.

In 2012, Daddy’s Cash cooperated with American blues legend John Lee Hooker Jr., to record their debut album "That's what the blues is all about". The album won a Golden Record in Poland and officially kicked off the career of the band.

The band members of Daddy’s Cash are: Łukasz Belcyr, Wojciech Inglot, Michał Jasiczek, Michał Borowski, Łukasz Wiercioch, and Jędrzej Jasiczek.

The Band