Daddy’s Cash “We will never know”

“We will never know” is perfectly describing the verity of feelings that come with love in our life. It is the second single to be released from their upcoming album “Hello”. “We Will Never Know” is all about the strongest connection that can happen between people - love. Amazing musicians, great music, soul-enriching lyrics and love spirit is all you need to enjoy new Daddy’s Cash single. "We Will Never Know" is one of the best songs you will ever hear, it's a great song and will be a HIT. It's a song for those lovers who are in the middle of heartbreak. Musically you'll love the instrumentation that's delivered because it's REAL MUSICIANS playing REAL MUSIC, from the drums to the horns. Vocally, the singers are awesome, the chorus has a great hook. You can also hear the feeling of the song in their voices, Simply put , ONE OF THE BEST SONGS YOU'LL HEAR IN YEARS. If you don't pick up Daddy's Cash new single, You will never know. So pick it up!!!.

John Blackwell, Drummer for Prince, Justin Timberlake, Cameo

We will never know
Release Date Spring 2015
Available On Download
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